Playmaker Quad Roller Skate Plates | Complete with Fixing Kits and Heels - Set of Pair

The PlayMaker Quad Plates is perfect option for anyone looking to convert or upgrade a boot to Quad/Roller Skates. The chassis is made from durable Xytel providing a durable, lightweight and great value for money option for old and new skaters alike.  


  • 2 Chassis
  • 4 Hangers
  • 2 Heel Wedges
  • 89a Bushings
  • All Plates Fixings Nuts

Note: Toe Stopper not included

After careful consideration and Conversion. These are our recommendation for PM Plates sizing.


Bauer Size 1 to 2- 8.5 Inches PM Plates
Bauer Size 3 to 5- 9.25 Inches PM Plates
Bauer Size 6 to 7- 9.7/8 Inches PM Plates
Bauer Size 8 only- 10.5 Inches PM Plates
Bauer Size 9 to 10- 11 Inches PM Plates
Bauer Size 11 to 12- 11.5 Inches PM Plates

Most of the new models of CCM, Bauers or Roces etc. require Regular Size Fixing Kits but if your boots are vintage models or old models please select Extra Long Fixing Kitsas they are made of clothes and heels are bit thicker.

Please give us a call if you have any questions: 07428312001