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Surf Skateboards

Surf skateboards are designed with special front trucks which allow the skateboard to tilt, the front trucks to pivot and the wheels to change direction, much more than a normal skateboard. This allows the rider to generate their own speed by pumping the pump forwards and backwards, similar to the feeling of surfing or carving a wave.
These skateboards are very popular with surfers (particularly as a substitute for when the surf is flat!) as they blur the boundaries between surf and skate; you can mimic your surfing stance and slide out the tail for a realistic surfing simulator.
Great for:

  • Generating your own speed
  • Practising your surfing/snowboarding (carving) skills
  • A mode of transport and cruising around
  • Carrying/transporting around
  • Tight and deep carves
  • Effortless pumping

Not so great for:

  • Going fast
  • Stability for beginners
  • Manoeuvrability for beginners
  • Tricks & flips

Typically used:Park and Bowl Skateboarding. Downhill Flat roadsPark & Bowl