CCM Skates Tacks AS-550 Ice Skates

The CCM Tacks AS-550 Ice Hockey Skates are perfect for those looking for a fist pair of ice skates to be used for recreational skating or to get started out playing Ice Hockey. The quarter package has enhanced structural support with longer-lasting durability to provide better performance on each stride.

    CCM Ice Skates Tacks AS-550 comes already with sharped blades.


    • Quarter Package - 3D INJECTED BOOT - Ergonomic boot-shaping system for great comfort and new texturised finish for improved durability.

    • Stiffness - 115 - Solid core for good skating performance.

    • Liner - HD MICROFIBER - High resistance to wear while delivering major comfort and durability.

    • Tongue - FELT TONGUE - 5mm felt with added foam for comfort and protection.

    • Footbed - CCM FOOTBED - Provides support and comfort.

    • Holder/Runner - CCM SPEEDBLADE - Non-replaceable stainless steel blade with elevated holder for an increased attack angle.

    CCM SIZE RECOMMENDATION: After lots of experience in the shop with customers feet. We would recommend one size up in CCM Box than your usual UK size.
    For example:If you are a UK Shoe size 10 we would recommend CCM Box size 11. Just to make sure you have more relaxed fitting.

    If you are not sure about size or anything else. 
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