Bauer X-LS Boots - Pair of Boots only

Bauer's X-LS ice-hockey skates are the ideal for street skaters. We have removed Ice skating blades and ready to add Roller Skates plates on it.

More comfort and ease of use for learn-to-skater.

Features stainless steel runner with an easy-to-balance-on 13ft. radius, and a soft and comfortable microfiber liner, putting a premium on comfort throughout.

Extra comfort

We’ve extended felt into the toe cap for an extra bit of comfort and support.

SHOE SIZE ADVICE:  Bauer Box Size are fit to UK Shoe Size.
For example if you are a UK Shoe size 10 you would order a Bauer Box size 10.

If you are not sure about size or anything else.
Visit our store in London or Give us a call: +44-7428312001