Bauer vs CCM: The ultimate skating rivalry

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Bauer and CCM are two largest brands of ice hockey skates around. Known for their light frames which make skating on them smooth and easy to manoeuvre, Bauer and CCM are a popular and trusted choice for beginner and aid skaters alike. Thanks to conversions done by skaters, they are also a popular choice of quad roller skates. Although the same in terms of function, there are slight differences between Bauers and CCMs which means one may be better suited toward specific skaters depending on preferences. This article will break down the key differences between Bauer and CCM ice hockey skates, from the history of each company, to the different models each one offers, and which brand is right for you.

The History of Bauer and CCM

Bauer and CCM are both long-time players in the ice hockey industry and share similar origins. The history of Bauer and CCM originates (unsurprisingly) in Canada, where ice hockey got its start. Both were founded in the Canadian province of Ontario, with CCM starting in 1899 and Bauer over a quarter century later in 1927. Unlike Bauer, which began as a manufacturer of ice hockey skates, CCM actually got its start as a bicycle company calledCanada Cycle & Motor Company Limited. When the market for bicycles began to decline during the turn of the 20th century, CCM transitioned into making ice hockey skates and the rest is history. Throughout the following decades, Bauer and CCM quickly rose to prominence as major forces in the ice hockey industry, entering mainstream popularity when professional ice hockey players began wearing their skates on the ice. Now common household names, Bauer and CCM both offer a range of products that range from ice hockey skates to gear and accessories.

Differences Between Bauer and CCM

Bauer and CCM may seem quite similar at first glance. However, there are some differences between them that are important to know when picking out a pair of ice hockey or quad roller skates. The key main difference to know is the actual shape and fit of the boots themselves. TheCCM AS 550 and higher modelAS 560 tend to be more narrow in terms of shoe shape compared to theBauer XLS andXLP. As such, those with more narrow feet (especially women) may find CCM more comfortable to wear. It is always recommended to try on a pair of skates at our store to find the right size and fit for you. Beyond this distinction, both Bauer and CCM have different skating experiences depending on the line. Depending on the specific line of ice hockey skates, Bauer and CCM vary in terms of power, speed, comfort, and agility. If you’re unsure which brand and line is right for you, use thisguide for an in-depth analysis of each Bauer and CCM product and how they compare to one another.

Which One is More Popular?

Both Bauer and CCM are very popular among skaters, casual to professional ones alike. As the older company, CCM initially was the dominant player in the ice hockey industry, at one point accounting for90% of skates worn by professional ice hockey players. Nowadays, Bauer has a slight edge over CCM among both casual and professional skaters, with the company now thedominant brand within the National Hockey League (NHL). Bauer is also more popular than CCM when it comes to quad roller skates, with the Bauer XLS and more comfortable XLP the go to for many skaters who are looking for a quality set of quads. Regardless of your preference, it is important to note that one brand isn’t objectively better than the other, and which one you should get is completely up to your personal preference. Whether you end up going for Bauers or CCM, having the right set of wheels and bearings is gonna give you the right feel for whatever skating experience you’re looking for. If you already have a pair of Bauer or CCM ice hockey skates, you can come into our store andconvert them into a pair of quad roller skates.

If you’re still unsure which are right for you, come into one of our shops inBoxpark Shoreditch andBoxpark Croydon to compare a pair of Bauers and CCMs for yourself, and pick out the right ones just for you. Happy skating!