Convert Ice Skates into Roller Skates

We convert CCM, Bauer, Roces or Tempish Ice Skates Skates into Roller Skates. Schedule your time and Visit our shop- JT SKATE, Unit 25 Boxpark Shoreditch, 2-10 Bethnal Green, E1 6GY London, United Kingdom and drop your ice skates, pay for labour and parts and collect within 1 hour.

But if our shop is too far away for you to visit then simply pack your ice skates and send it to our shop address with your Return Address inside. 

Please note parts which you need to complete the conversion like- Pair of Plates with fixing Kits & Heels, Wheels and Bearings are NOT included in this price. You can get from our shop separately or use your old parts if you have one and if it fits on new one just to save your cost.
For more details. Contact us: 07428312001