Wooden Pro Fingerboard

  • High Kicks
  • Medium Concave
  • Extreme Pop & Control
  • Avaliable in 34mm Width

New BullGod Professional Fingerboard

Remastered Edition, we bring back the beloved BullGod Graphic on a Darker Wood Ply. Expect nothing but Extreme Pop and tricks that fly higher than you've ever imagined you could do!

Complete Fingerboard includes:Professional Trucks, Bearing Wheels, Spacers, Nuts, Screws and Key. 

-Walnut Wood Color Fingerboard
-100% Wood
-Increased Power
-Increased Pop & Control
-BullGod Tape
-BullGod Stickers
-More Extras

BULLGOD -The BullGod can be described as an adventurous skater who loves a good fingerboarding session. He doesn't bite since he is always too busy having fun skating. At night, he restores energy and elevates himself through meditation instead of sleeping. Experts say the BullGod formulates new tricks every time he meditates, but this hasn't been possible to confirm yet.

Premium Fingerboard
 will get you an improvement:

Premium Trucks - They turn like a real skateboard, include locknuts (with rubber on the inside) that make them as loose or tight as you desire and do not require spacers. You'll notice a huge difference in how you perform and ride, all while having an extra dose of fun!

Fast and stable wheels for all-around use. BullGod Slims are hard and slidy, making them adherent to any surface, easy to flip and fun for noisy powerslides.

Locknuts - These nuts have rubber on the inside, so you can decide to use your trucks super loose or extra tight.

All orders include a bunch of stickers and some random extras. Have fun!