Tuff Toe Skate Boot Protection

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Put down the duct tape and save your Skates

Tuff Toe from Riedell is a black polyurethane adhesive that has been specially formulated to provide maximum protection against abrasion for your skating boots. This adhesive goes on as a thick liquid and dries in minutes to a high-density shell with a slight rubbery matt texture, which provides durable protection to any surface it covers. Once cured, it is water and chemical resistant and is over three times more durable than leather.

Riedell Tuff Toe will bond to almost any surface and works with both leather and synthetic boot materials. By applying a coat of Tuff Toe to your skate boots and allowing to cure for for 24 hours will provide tough durable protection against scuffs, tears and abrasions and it has been tested and approved for use on hardwood rink floors, sports courts, rough concrete and other skating surfaces.