Jackson JC500 Classic Figure Ice Skates - White

Medium Recreational Support for stepping into advance level.
  • MEDIUM SUPPORT FOR BEGINNING/INTERMEDIATE SKATERS - Classic 500 skates are equipped with medium recreational support, perfect for beginner skaters thinking about advancing into lessons.
  • REINFORCED BOOT - The boot is made from reinforced vinyl coated uppers (with extra reinforcements) and has a multitude of comfort and fit-enhancing features throughout, including a hygienic Nylex lining, memory foam padding, a flex notch and rolled collar at the ankle, and foam-backed mesh tongues.
  • ULTIMA MARK II BLADE - Classic 500 skates feature a factory-sharpened Ultima Mark II figure blade which is durable for outdoor skating and appropriate for less aggressive maneuvers. The blade is attached with rivets to a stylized PVC outsole for easy care and security.
  • SIZING INSTRUCTIONS: High performance skaters generally prefer a tighter fit while beginners generally prefer a looser fit. Place a blank sheet of paper against the wall and stand on it with your heel against the wall. Measure with a sock if you want space, no sock for a tighter fit. Mark your longest toe on the paper. Repeat for both feet. Take the longest heel-to-toe length and use the sizing chart image to match your measurement with an accurate size.