Jam Plugs Fomac 5/16" (Pair) - Sure Grip

Color: Green
Brand new Sure Grip  - Jam Plugs for your quad Roller Skates.
These are the small 5/16" bolt size which fit quad skates which have the simple screw in toe stops. These are used by skaters who don't want stops on their skates but want to protect the stopper thread and because most rinks won't let you in without some form of "stopper".

They'll fit most popular makes of quad skates, that use a simple front bolt into a thread, in the skate plates of: Ventro Turbo, Bauers, Playmaker Plates, Variflex, Roces, Supreme, Raptor, Rio, Rookie, etc

  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES. 5/16" size is smaller, it fits the screw in type, non-adjustable toe stop holes. 5/8" size is larger, it fits the larger, adjustable style toe stop holes.
  • SOLD BY THE PAIR - Enough for one pair of skates.
  • VARIETY OF COLORS - Available in many different colors to match your laces, wheels, or personal style. Or buy several pair and switch them up.
  • REPLACE BULKY STOPS WITH THESE SMALLER DANCE PLUGS - Smaller and lighter than a traditional toe stop. Not recommended if you really use your toe stops for stopping or starting. But good if you never use the stops.
  • INEXPENSIVE - A lot cheaper than traditional stops, but with genuine Sure-Grip quality built into every pair. Will work with almost any brand of skate.