CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black

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Introducing the CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black, a skate shoe engineered for durability and grip. With its premium suede and organic cotton canvas upper, triple-stitch construction, and slip-resistant natural rubber sole, it offers optimal board feel and traction. The memory foam insole provides ultimate comfort and arch support. Made with recycled materials, including laces and debossed metal aglets, this sneaker embodies style and sustainability. Step up your skate game with the CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black.

CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black - Engineered for Durability and Grip

Upper: Crafted with triple-stitch premium suede and organic cotton canvas, the CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black exudes a timeless style that combines durability and elegance.

Lining: The cotton canvas lining ensures breathability and a comfortable fit, allowing you to skate with ease.

Sole: Built with 100% slip-resistant natural rubber, the sole provides exceptional grip on various surfaces, enhancing your performance and confidence.

Insole: Experience ultimate comfort with the Mamona oil and bio-based cork insert, featuring the CARIUMA logo. The memory foam mimics the foot's anatomy and offers arch support for an unparalleled feel.

Laces: Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the laces, made with recycled plastics. The debossed metal aglets add a touch of sophistication to the overall design.

Construction: Each CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black sneaker is meticulously handmade using a vulcanized construction method. The stitched midsole ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

Board Feel: The sticky grip outsole, designed with raw natural gum rubber in a classic herringbone pattern, allows the shoe to move seamlessly with your foot while providing exceptional grip.

Side Traction: The foxing of the CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black features thicker diagonal stripes carved into the outsole, enhancing traction and improving your flick.

Reinforced Flick Point: To increase the shoe's lifespan and overall durability, we have added a triple-stitch upper at the flick point, ensuring it can withstand rigorous skate sessions.

Experience the CATIBA PRO-Off-White Vintage/Black and elevate your skateboarding game with its durability, superior grip, and ultimate comfort. Skate with confidence, knowing you have a shoe that is engineered for performance and designed to stand the test of time.