Bauer XLP with PM Plates only

Bauer X-LP with Playmaker Plates with Fixing Nuts & Bolts and Heels, Ready to fit your Bearings Wheels and Toe Stopper and make it Roller Skates.
Note:  No Bearings, Wheels and Toe Stopper

  • Bauer ice skate made into Roller Skate using a Playmaker plates
  • Warm and comfortable fleece lining
  • Anaform ankle pads
  • 30oz felt tongue 
  • EVA foam footbed

Warranty:We provide our customers Free After Sale Service from our JT Skate Shop in London if you have any problems with your Bauer Roller Skates.

SHOE SIZE ADVICE: Bauer Box Size are fit to UK Shoe Size.
For example if you are a UK Shoe size 10 you would order a Bauer Box size 10