What is the best way to contact you?

Fast and Easy way to reach us would be our Email: jtskateboardofficial@gmail.com

 Is it legitimate to ride Electric Skateboard in UK or EU Road?

    Metropolitan Police London says that we're free to ride as long as we do it sensibly.
    Electronic skateboards are considered as electronic bikes in the UK. You can ride anywhere you want like cycle lane. https://www.gov.uk/electric-bike-rules
    However, we advise you to wear helmet and safety kits all the time while using it and ride at normal speed and avoid busy streets full of people.


    FAQs for Maxfind | Max 4 Pro Series:

    How do I store the board?

    If the Maxfind | Max 4 Pro board will not be used for a long time, store the board fully charged and then after a maximum period of three months discharge at least 50% and then charge back to full capacity. Repeat that process if the board is to stay unused or better still give it to someone that will use it, the boards are too good to be left alone.

    How much weight can Maxfind boards carry?
    Each of our boards has a specific weight but in general the max load is 220 pounds (100kg).
    We do recommend a maximum weight of 220 pounds (100kg) and below, for maximum performance as weights above that might have an impact on distance and speed and capabilities on inclines.

    Can Maxfind | Max 4 Pro be used like a normal skateboard when it's out of power?
    Yes, our boards are totally push friendly and will ride like a traditional skateboard when not on the throttle or when there is no battery.

    Can the battery be replaced?
    The battery can be replaced and our battery life for our boards is 500 deep cycles. After 500 full cycles, the battery will still work but would only have approximately 70% power and capacity. New batteries are easy to order and replace. If you need to replace the battery, just order online at our website:https://www.maxfindboards.com/collections/charger-battery/products/samsung-electric-skateboard-battery

    FAQs for Koowheel Board: 

    What is the warranty?
    The Koowheel 2nd Generation Skateboard will come with a 6 months warranty. If you have any manufacturer issues with your board we'll either guide you through online to solve the problem or send you the replacement parts or have your board send it back to Germany to be fixed.

    Is the Koowheel | 2nd Generation Board waterproof?

    2nd Generation board has level IP 64 which means it's:

    6=Dust Tight No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact.
    4=Splashing water Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

    The board can handle nozzle spray of water shower but if you completely submerge the board. It's not made for that. 
    Therefore we don't want to call it- waterproof!
    We’ve made several design decisions to make it as water resistant as possible. You can ride through irrigation runoff or the occasional puddle, but we don’t recommend riding in wet conditions - not when it’s raining or right after it has rained - as you may damage the electronics dual hub motors and rust the bearings. Also, it’s extremely dangerous to ride in conditions with reduced traction, both for your board and because of the cars around you.

    Does the Koowheel 2nd Generation have regenerative braking?
    Koowheel 2nd Generation employs multiple types of braking technologies that allow it to smoothly and quickly slow down and come to a complete stop. This includes integrating both regenerative braking and active braking.

    The board also has variable braking strength, which means that you have more dynamic control over braking speed than an on-or-off pre-programmed braking curve used by some other brands.

    Due to proprietary circuitry, the board still has effective downhill braking even when the battery is fully charged. When the battery is fully depleted, braking is still possible.

    I'm a journalist /vlogger who wants to cover the JT Skateboard release or review? Can I check it out before its out?
    Absolutely!  Please reach out to us at jtskateboardofficial@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to meet up and ride.

    Did we miss something? 
    If your question is not answered here, please reach out to us at jtskateboardofficial@gmail.com or via Facebook Chat and we'll reply back shortly after few moments.