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This cute cruiser board from Kryptonics packs a punch in terms of price point and versatility. This fully functional maple deck comes styled in a directional, old-school shape and formed from 9 ply quality maple. The deck features high resolution graphics on both the underside and underneath the transparent grip tape on the top side. Kryptonic's entry level, standardised trucks and bearings ensure that riders get a stable, dynamic ride straight away - but have the option of easy upgrades in years to come. To keep the riding style fresh and lovely, Kryptonics have mounted 60mm / 83a wheels, poured in a transparent urethane. As cruiser wheels, these keep the board firmly planted on the ground, are soft enough for rough pavements and a nice compromise in terms of acceleration and top-speed - ideal on a board of this nature. 12mm riser pads mean that riders can carve deep and that wheel-bite scares are a thing of the past. the Chill Out deck is nicely put together cruiser board that doesn't break the bank - designed for Summer fun, light trick riding and getting around town in style.