CCM Roller Skates - Our Top Picks of 2023

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CCM roller skates embody the brand's dedication to precision, comfort, and superior performance in Ice Hockey Skating world. The history of CCM dates back to 1899 and the launch of Canada Cycle & Motor Company Limited in Weston, Ontario, Canada.These skates are meticulously designed, the usage of modern-day substances and technologies to provide skaters with an exceptional revel in on wheels. Whether you're an enthusiast of classic quad Roller Skates or require inline roller hockey skates for competitive play, CCM has a diverse range of options to cater to various preferences and skill levels. The versatility of CCM roller skates ensures they are appropriate for an intensive spectrum of skating sports activities sports, from recreational outings to immoderate-intensity roller hockey suits. With every pair of CCM curler skates, you may anticipate an excellent combo of style, durability, and capability, subsidized by means of a long time of innovation and know-how.

Top Picks of CCM Roller Skates:

1. CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels: CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels combine the heritage of CCM's trusted brand with the innovation and grip of Ventro Wheels. The inclusion of Ventro Wheels, celebrated for his or her first-rate grip, complements manipulate and stability, making these skates best for numerous skating terrains. Whether you're a leisure skater or a curler hockey fanatic, those skates supply precision and sturdiness. They represent the seamless integration of CCM's legacy with Ventro's modern-day technology, imparting skaters with a reliable and exciting revel in on wheels.

2. Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates: Limited stock of the Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates are a testimony to CCM's determination to excellence in sports gadget, designed for each recreational and competitive skaters, the AS560 version gives terrific overall performance, precision, and comfort. Equipped with top rate functions which include fantastic wheels and precision bearings, these skates provide exceptional manipulate and maneuverability on diverse surfaces. CCM's commitment to durability and innovation shines via in each component of those curler skates, making them a depended-on preference for skaters of all ability stages.

How We Picked:

• Skater's Skill Level: We consider the skater's experience level to ensure the chosen roller skates are suitable for their proficiency, whether they are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skater.
• Skating Style: We take into account the skater's intended use, whether it's recreational skating, roller derby, artistic skating, or another specific style. Different skates are designed for various activities, and we match the skater's needs accordingly.
• Sizing and Fit: Proper sizing is crucial for comfort and performance. We emphasize the importance of measuring the skater's foot efficaciously and consulting the manufacturer's sizing charts to find out the proper in form.
• Wheel Type and Durometer: We consider the type of wheels and their durometer (hardness) to ensure they align with the skater's preferred terrain and style of skating, whether it's indoor or outdoor.
• Boot Material and Comfort: We evaluate the material and construction of the boot, taking into account factors such as durability, padding, and ankle support, to ensure a comfortable fit for the skater.

Review of Top Picks of CCM Roller Skates:

1. CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels:

CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels | JT Skate

Ready To Be Sold At JT Skate:
• CCM Box Size: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
• Bearings: (ABEC 1, ABEC 11)
• Price Range: £159.00 GBP - £219.00 GBP

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Why We Love It:
We adore the CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels for their winning combination of CCM's renowned quality and Ventro Wheels' exceptional grip. These skates offer each newbie and skilled skaters a thrilling experience on wheels. With specific bearings and a Custy, supportive boot design, they make sure superior control and stability. The added flair of Ventro Wheels enhances not only performance but also style. These skates embody the best combo of innovation and luxury, making them a pinnacle desire for the ones searching out reliability, basic ordinary performance, and a hint of splendor in their curler skates.

Key Features:
• Compatibility: Suitable for various skill levels and skating styles.
• Lace Closure: Secure lace closure system for a snug fit.
• Strap or Buckle Closure: Additional straps or buckles for added security.
• Toe Stop: A toe stop for braking and maneuvering.
• Wheel Size Options: Different wheel size options for varied skating experiences.

Pros and Cons:

• Wheel Size Options: Choices for varied skating experiences.
• Low-Maintenance Bearings: Bearings that require minimal upkeep.
• Shock Absorption: Some models offer shock-absorbing features.
• Abrasion-Resistant Material: Protects against wear and tear.
• Quick-Dry Lining: Moisture-wicking and quick-drying interior.

• Price Range: Higher price point compared to budget options.
• Learning Curve: Advanced features may pose challenges for beginners.
• Maintenance Required: Regular maintenance needed for optimal performance.
• Limited Customization: Options for customization may be limited.
• Sizing and Availability: Availability in specific sizes may vary.

Who Should Embrace This & Who Should Pass:
Embrace CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels if you're an intermediate or advanced skater seeking exceptional grip and control. They're ideal for folks who admire sturdiness, precision, and style. Roller derby enthusiasts and those looking to conquer various skating terrains will find them particularly appealing. However, beginners might want to start with more forgiving options, as the advanced features may present a learning curve. If you prioritize overall performance, consolation, and a hint of beauty, those skates are a terrific desire.

2. Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates:

Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates | JT Skate

Ready To Be Sold At JT Skate:
• CCM Box Size: (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)
• Airwaves Wheels Color: (Red and Yellow, Black and White)
• Bearings: (ABEC 5, ABEC 11)
• Price Range: £325.00 GBP

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Why We Love It:

We have a deep appreciation for the Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates because they seamlessly blend CCM's storied legacy with cutting-edge innovation. These skates cater to skaters of all tiers, supplying excellent general overall performance, consolation, and precision. Equipped with top-first-class wheels and precision bearings, they offer top notch manipulate and maneuverability. CCM's commitment to sturdiness and excellence shines via, making those skates a dependable desire for the ones seeking both leisure a laugh and aggressive edge. With the Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates, you're not just investing in skates; you're investing in a legacy of excellence on wheels.

Key Features:
• Reinforced Toe and Heel: Added protection and durability.
• High-Quality Materials: Crafted for long-lasting use.
• Adjustable Stopper: Allows controlled braking.
• Chassis Reinforcement: Improved overall durability.
• Compatibility: Suited for various skill levels and styles.

Pros and Cons:

• Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of skating activities.
• Comfortable Padding: Interior padding provides extended comfort.
• Ankle Support: Designed to reduce the risk of ankle injuries.
• Secure Closure System: Reliable closures for a snug and customizable fit.
• Precision Bearings: High-quality bearings for a smooth rolling experience.

Less Maneuverable: May be less agile compared to other skate types.
Stopping Distance: Stopping distance may vary depending on skill level.
Compatibility Issues: Compatibility with aftermarket parts may be limited.
Weight Limitation: Weight limits may apply to certain models.
Wheel Wear: Wheels may wear out over time, necessitating replacement.

Who Should Embrace This & Who Should Pass:
Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates are an excellent choice for intermediate and advanced skaters who prioritize both performance and durability. If you're a recreational skater searching for a snug and elegant choice for leisurely rides at the park or rink, those skates provide an excellent balance. Casual roller hockey players who engage in occasional matches will appreciate their performance benefits. Those who cost fine and are willing to invest in a well-constructed, long-lasting pair of skates will find them a worth preference, mainly given their elegant designs.

Beginners must exercise warning, because the advanced capabilities might also pose demanding situations. It's advisable to start with more beginner-friendly skates. Budget-conscious customers may additionally discover those skates to be in a better rate variety, so exploring more low-cost alternatives is well worth considering. Speed enthusiasts and extreme terrain skaters might require specialized skates tailored to their specific needs. Individuals with unique sizing requirements should ensure that available sizes match their feet accurately before making a decision.

Final Verdict:
In JT Skate final verdict, Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates emerge as a solid choice for intermediate and advanced skaters looking for a balance of performance and durability. With their Custy fit, elegant designs, and specific bearings, they cater to leisure skaters and informal curler hockey gamers alike. However, beginners may locate the advanced features tough, and finances-aware shoppers may additionally decide upon greater inexpensive alternatives. Speed enthusiasts and extreme terrain skaters should explore specialized skates for their specific needs. Overall, those skates provide top notch and style, making them a properly worth funding for folks who price each in their roller-skating enjoy.



Q. Are Premium CCM Tacks AS560 Roller Skates suitable for outdoor skating?
While some models may be versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, it's essential to check the specific product details and wheel specifications for the skates you're interested in to ensure they are suitable for outdoor skating.

Q. Do those skates encompass particular wheel choice options?
Yes, many CCM skates offer different wheel choice options to cater to various skating preferences. You can choose Ventro Wheels or Airwaves wheels for your CCM Skates. Make sure to choose the right wheels that aligns with your intended skating style and terrain.

Q. What distinguishes CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels from different curler skates?

CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels are known for their exceptional grip, comfort, and precision. Ventro Wheels provide superior traction, making them suitable for several skating terrains.

Q. Are those skates recommended for competitive curler derby?
CCM Roller Skates with Ventro Wheels can be suitable for roller derby, particularly for those seeking excellent grip and control. However, skaters involved in competitive roller derby may have specific preferences and may opt for specialized derby skates.

Q. Do they come in different sizes to accommodate various foot sizes?

Yes, CCM Roller Skates AS550 and AS560 are in Regular fit with slimmer looks typically offer a range of sizes to accommodate different foot sizes. Refer to the producer's sizing chart for steerage on choosing the right length.